Jun. 14th, 2008 09:07 pm
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So I skipped all of May...sorry 'bout that. Let's see, what's new in my life...
Got a dog, his name is Dante. He is a mixed breed the place in Salem were his first owner got him says he's a lab/hound. I think he looks a little funky but then again when has my family ever owned a normal pet? We had fish that jumped out of the tank, birds that would get lose and flew into walls repeatedly. One previous dog that was evil, the other terrified of our cats. One cat that literally changed appearance, another that sleeps in the frying pan on the stove and I don't wanna get started on the male cat...

In great news I think I'm losing weight thanks to the exercises I've been doing for my back. I have to get to an actual scale to see, of course I should call my doc and ask what my previous weight was so I can compare to see. But then thoughts of what if I haven't really lost weight creeps in, I don't want to get my hope down...Eventually I'll make an appointment to see the doc and find out then :Silently prays for weight loss:
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Okay, I'll admit my last post was definitely a little whiny but every once in a while one must whine. Found this on pornish pixie and thought it was fun. Finding joy in what disease describes you best. This is further proof that I'm not right in the head huh?

What Infectious Disease Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Malaria

You are one persistent, annoying son-of-a-bitch and your motto is 'if at first you don't succeed; try, try again'. Once you get a foothold in someone's life, you're loathe to let go and honestly, after a few feeble attempts, most of those poor suckers just give up. You're easily distracted by a good beverage, although you prefer beer to mixed drinks. There's something about tonic water that just turns you off. You may not always be at the forefront of everyone's minds, but you never get completely ignored, either--you're too irritating.





Necrotizing Fasciitis






Common Cold


Bubonic Plague


Amoebic Dysentery






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Hey! It's been awhile huh? Totally missed the month of February. However, I am back and with a cute quiz. Of course I don't remember who I stole it from...Any way lots of computer drama here. Short verizon, had to wipe the computer and start from scratch. Let's hope I post at least once more before March is over. :laughing:

<td align="center">

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>


Jan. 25th, 2008 08:27 pm
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I'm back...and no fish. :Sigh: Really, you think by now I'd know better. We did go looking for fish but the first place didn't have the type I wanted and the second only had one version but not the other, also you need to set the tank up first. Other parent swore they'd check out the new shipment of fish they were supposed to get on Wednesday and we'd set the tank up on the Tuesday before. I'm still waiting...but with other parent that's how it is, It took four years to set up the new entertainment center in my room. So no fishies, probably not for a while still.

In less depressing news, saw this all over Pornish Pixies and had to try. Needless to say I *loved* my results...

He's just so yummy....


Jan. 11th, 2008 08:39 pm
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So I saw this on thepinkrabbit's page and I had to steal it and do it myself. After all doesn't everyone at one point in time wish to rule the world?

LiveJournal Username
Why you did it
Your lair
Your hideous secret weapon
Your favourite colour
Beautiful and exotic but deadly eastern lieutenantcruisedirector
Henchperson who constantly plays with knifessherant
Your perverted scientific geniusmaab_connor
You cordon bleu chefred_rahl
Lieutenant with serious moral qualmscaladan_dd
Number of countries subverted79
This Fun Quiz created by Andrew at BlogQuiz.Net
Weight Loss Tips at WeightLossTips.TV

Took a different quiz but didn't feel like posting it as well, I was Disney's Princess Pocahontas. Go figure. Tomorrow my fishes! Tell you all 'bout it on Monday.
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Okay, Okay...it's been awhile I know, nothing too important seemed to come up. Life's been kinda boring lately and I don't wanna have a journal full of memes and quizzes. So nothing from me until today.

New month and now I can show off my shiny new icon! Isn't he just drool worthy? :Sigh: I'm such a fan gurl, Thanks to the awesome Nashmaveric for making this one. Now I have two fandom icons, One from Quantum Leap (Sam) and one from Buffy (Spikey!) Wonder if I could find a due south icon??? Fraser or Ray (the second) or even both would be great. Hey, Maybe even Stargate SG-1...Jack, Daniel or both.

But enough of my slashy fangirl...ness. The big topic of tonight is the upcoming weekend. Why this weekend? Because, I shall finally be getting mah fishies. I want two of those puffy eyed goldfish. I want two because one would be lonely, and I'm hoping at least one will be black! I've been asking for fishes since August, the parents teased me by hinting I may get them for christmas. Ultimately they decided to make them birthday prezzies. Yes my birthday is in January when I won't tell. However, it was decided this weekend when the parents have off I shall get my fishies!!!!

Haven't decided what I shall name them yet...How does one tell the sex of a goldfish? I think I'll have to ask the pet shop guy... Regardless I'm leaning towards Kali and Anubis, Aren't I just a happy girl? Until Monday.
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There are a lot of things Grumpy Parent and I do not agree on. For the most part we agree to disagree, unless Grumpy Parent is angry then it all comes out to prove how horrible I am. I have perfected the art of just tuning my parents out, I spend less time being miserable that way. However, tonight was a bit surprising...

My family is in no way real religious...heck when we first started going to church I was behind in all the sunday school classes. Thus the oldest child in them. Eventually Grumpy Parent stopped going, I don't know why, and I only made my Commuion. Which irks Grumpy Parent cause I never did confirmation, oddly enough sib did. Nothing big though, heck we don't even go to church anymore.

Now what's the big deal right? Well, Tonight the topic of religion came up and I made the comment about not being catholic. That set Grumpy Parent on a tangent about being born catholic and not having a choice and all that. It got to the point they wouldn't give it up, insisting I was catholic and accusing me of just trying to upset them. I never took Grumpy Parent to be one of those strict religious types...this discussion got so intense for them.

They said some things that once agian made me realize they weren't as tolerant of different things as I thought. At one point I just deiced to say nothing, any other statement just seemed to aggravate Grumpy Parent. Of course this lead them to believe I was mad at them, which truthfully I wasn't. But I wasn't going to say that yes I am a Catholic just to appease said parent.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in a higher power but I don't know if I want to worship in the Catholic way. I haven't found a way of worship yet but I now realize it isn't something me and Grumpy Parent are going to agree on. And heaven help me if I convert to a different religion.
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So two days ago the computer got infected and locked us out of the control panel. Despite the new protection software my parent put in the computer. We had to finally call dell and they had to do that connect thingy...it was actual kinda cool to watch the computer work on its own. However, this service cost us a pretty penny which parent wasn't to happy about. Also I had to delete my account because it was still affected. I lost all my pics and music! ARRRRGGGGGG! Now my new side seems kinda plain, I have to find new pics. The backgrounds offered by the computer are lame... Luckily the site I get my music from keeps a list of all the music I played so it's only a matter of going back and finding everything again.

This christmas is going relatively well...Explosions have only happened a handful of times. Also family has gotten my a surprise...I can't help but wonder what the hell it could be! Tomorrow sib is get a gift that will send them back into their room rather than sleeping in the living room with the TV left on making it harder for me to fall asleep in the next room. Yay!
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Sometimes I seriously wonder how I am related to parent. For the past couple of days the house has been in chaos. All over Sib's love life, now I'm sure you'll all agree that heartbreak is a part of life. But Sib has never experienced it before now so everyone has been on edge. Last night it all boiled over. I'm not going into all of it but it involved Sib, their ex and a friend. And ultimately end with both Parent and sib out in the snowstorm and the police being called.

Now sib has anxiety problems and ended up freaking a lil and parent swooping in all evil a**hole or avenging angel given your point of view. I had visions of having to call other parent at work and telling them that they had to go pick up SIB and other parent at the police station. I was so anxious that I ate an entire bag of chips...Ugh, I hate pigging out. Especially when I'm trying to lose weight.

Hopefully now life will return to normal and eventually Sib will find a new significant other that isn't an a**. In other news I am now in new room which is different. But I think I like it as long as no one is in the parlor which is next to my room. It's hard to fall asleep with the TV on in the next room.
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More power to the WGA. I can't believe the companies won't give them what their asking for. I'm going to miss my shows to if the strike continues but we're talking about peoples jobs. This is how they make a living, support not only themselves but their families. From what I've seen and read so far, their not asking for an enormous amount of money. And really that last ultimatum was harsh. I think they should hold back until they get what they want. Granted that means less new episodes for me but hey I'll struggle through some how.

I think my room is finally finished. The door is up and everything, I think tomorrow I'll actually be sleeping in there. The bed still has to go in. It's going to be hell getting the rest of my stuff in there, I dread having to actually try and bring all the clothes in my closet down. :Shudder: Not to mention CD's, movies, my walk man, books and stuff. Joy. Otherwise I am content with my new living area.
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So it snowed here a couple of days ago. Then the ice was here, do you know how hard it is to go for a daily walk with ice? When your own walk ways become possible death traps?? Today the ice was finally started to melt properly, making my lil journey easier to make. Only when I went for dinner, I happened to look out the window and what did I notice on the ground? That's right...more snow! Tomorrow is going to be a bitch to get out of here, I know it!

In other news I gots a new icon of Spike! It is soooo pretty! Made by the awesome Nashmaveric. I'll show you all it in January cause right now I'm using my holiday icon.
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Had to do this, it seemed like so much fun and seemed like the perfect first post for the holidays. I had a blast making the tree!

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Of course I'm a bit confused. It seems that a lot of people are commenting on the new flagging system. I've made sure to adjust my so that it doesn't filter posts. However, I'm uncertain as to what to set my journal as. So far everything I've put in here has been clean, maybe a handful of swearing...so that means I don't have to put adult content on my journal right?

Anyways...Parent finally got the new protection software. Only they decided not to go with Mcafee this time, they went with a whole new software. Which of course was more expensive then just the Mcafee update. :Sigh: They always have to complicate things although this one seems to be working well.

Powder Keg

Nov. 29th, 2007 08:56 pm
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So another week flies by. Once again I was tempted by a quiz this time I gave in, it was just so funny. Don't remember who I got it from but whoever you are thanks for the quiz.

Your Life as a Celebrity by Karen_Walker
reason for being famous
plastic surgery you've had done
your tabloid scandalrigged game show or reality show
your stalkeryukipon
your best friend
your nemesis
the tabloids think you're dating
you're really dating
your secret lover
your bitter ex
how long you stay in the spotlightyou're a classic. you'll always be famous.

Don't know how I feel about the new flag adult content policy. It's too easy for a kid to say yes I'm 18 or over. This doesn't seem like it's going to work that well, its more likely going to cause grumbling among LJ users. I'll just sit back and watch & see.
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So I took a zombie type quiz but didn't feel like saving it and putting it up here. Needless to say I got at least 60% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse, not great but not bad either.

Christmas decorations started popping up in my neighborhood this weekend. I honestly don't get why everyone has to rush the holiday. I mean how hard is it to wait until December 1st to start the christmas season? Why does it have to start the day after Thanksgiving? It seems the older I get the more annoyed I get at the whole celebrating before the holiday month. It just doesn't seem right.

Okay enough ranting, Sib's birthday is this week. Don't know if I should give them something, they've been annoying lately. I've threatened not to get them something for the next five years... I'll probably cave and give them twenty.
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Yesterday was a good day, no meltdown in sight. I was actually surprised about that guess its been to long since there has been a peaceful holiday around here. The turkey was good and the 'real' potatoes were great but my ultimate fav of course was the stuffing couldn't get enough.

Today was back to normal :Sigh: Sib's b-day is coming up, I have no clue what to get them. I think I'll give them money towards that second tattoo they want. That's a good gift right?

This weekend I will finish up the Volunteer application and mail it on monday. Hopefully Father will get the door up to my new room and the box spring as well. I will get sibling to help me with a few last minute things as well. Considering I've been asking for a few weeks I won't feel guilty about nagging them till they cave into my demands. It is actually the only way to get them to do things anyways.
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So tomorrow is turkey day. To everyone who celebrates it, I hope you have a good day tomorrow. Everyone else just ignore this part. Holidays aren't that great here. Why does everyone say that these days should be happy and all that other junk? It's hardly ever true... :Sigh: I just want to get through tomorrow with out a melt down of my family.

In other news...does anyone know where I can get holiday icons? I got a christmas one but am missing the other holidays. Nearly had a Halloween one, but something about it being a BMP? So it didn't upload right. I'd really like to have a least one for all the holidays, any help would be helpful.

Have written several new poems, just have to check the spelling and add them to my non-web journal. Do you think I should put them here as well? Maybe make them private posts? I do have two of my tamer poems here...what do you all think?
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I know, I know. All I seem to do is post quizzes and memes but really my life is boring.

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

However, I would like to take this time to have a small rant. For nearly a year Sib and I have been bugging father to replace the outdated security on the comp. He has made various excuses for not doing so, well yesterday I did a virus scan and of course we came up infected and nothing I did could fix it. So I told father and of course who did he blame? That's right, me, in all my evil porn reading glory. This has nothing to do with the updating he's been putting of, no. Evil in denial ass. Hopefully this will force him to get updated.
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That's right I got another little quiz but I forgot who I got it from. Though I got to admit it was fun.

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?
this quiz was made by Lori Fury

And she lived in style, one of the lucky gals to walk away with her life and a hefty little amount of money. And I'm lucky enough "to be" her. Haha.
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So here I was thinking I got to post sometime this week but what to post about? After all my life is dull very little actually happens to me, so what do I got to post about? Then I saw Hpuckle's post and of course I had to find out mine. So I did it and got happy with my result. Watch turn out to be not that smart...I'm such a pessimist.

Free IQ Test Score
Free-IQTest.net - Free IQ Test

Still it was only a point lower than Hpuckle.


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