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The live in is gone!!!!!!! :Whoot: After two years of mooching off of my family the live in got the boot. While here the live in had two jobs and lost both after only having them for a couple of months. Giving any excuse not to get another and basically getting a free ride. Not to mention showing my parents absolutely no respect what so ever and trying to control my sibling's life. So far live in's been gone a week over someone's place and blowing off a good job in the process. My dad gave them an ultimatum, come home saturday/show up for job or else. Live in wasn't here yesterday and after threatening my father with leaving my mom said she want the live in gone. So live in has officially been kicked out.

In other news cousin is over the house to stay for a little while. It should be a shorter commute for cuz to the college. Don't know how long cuz is going to stay thou..Sibling has outfit for their prom. Parents aren't thrilled with the choice but if sib is happy that's good enough.

My back absolutely refuses to get better in any way shape or form, which really sucks cause it can cause me to lye awake at night unable to sleep. But I will keep trudging along and hope that eventually I will get better.

That's it for now.


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