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Okay,'s been awhile I know, nothing too important seemed to come up. Life's been kinda boring lately and I don't wanna have a journal full of memes and quizzes. So nothing from me until today.

New month and now I can show off my shiny new icon! Isn't he just drool worthy? :Sigh: I'm such a fan gurl, Thanks to the awesome Nashmaveric for making this one. Now I have two fandom icons, One from Quantum Leap (Sam) and one from Buffy (Spikey!) Wonder if I could find a due south icon??? Fraser or Ray (the second) or even both would be great. Hey, Maybe even Stargate SG-1...Jack, Daniel or both.

But enough of my slashy fangirl...ness. The big topic of tonight is the upcoming weekend. Why this weekend? Because, I shall finally be getting mah fishies. I want two of those puffy eyed goldfish. I want two because one would be lonely, and I'm hoping at least one will be black! I've been asking for fishes since August, the parents teased me by hinting I may get them for christmas. Ultimately they decided to make them birthday prezzies. Yes my birthday is in January when I won't tell. However, it was decided this weekend when the parents have off I shall get my fishies!!!!

Haven't decided what I shall name them yet...How does one tell the sex of a goldfish? I think I'll have to ask the pet shop guy... Regardless I'm leaning towards Kali and Anubis, Aren't I just a happy girl? Until Monday.
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