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:Screams: I can't believe the run around I had to do earlier just because nobody wants to call each other! So I have an appointment with an ortho doc tomorrow. The medical people decide to call today and say there is a problem. Apparently to them my health care provider has me listed under my old last name(my mother's maiden name). I tell them that used to be my name cause of family issues but now I have my father's last name.
Well they want me to call my health care provider and clear up the apparent problem so as not to cause problems. I agreed and asked them for the number, they said that the number should have been on the card. Well I never got the card but called 411 and got the supposed number. However, I called the number four times each time it would ring for the longest time and then give me the busy signal.
Finally I called the last number from the doc only it was the wrong branch. So I called the right branch and they gave me the number for my health provider. I had to guess on a few things cause I didn't have a card, right before I get a person they tell me my card #. So I tell the person I got two problems, 1. I have no card and 2. The last name problem. Well for some reason I wasn't showing on their database but I have a number so clearly they are providing health coverage for me.
The lady was kind enough to reassure me she believed me and I should be getting that elusive card soon and they had the right last name. So I call the doc and tell them what's up. :Sigh: Why couldn't they contact each other? Instead of me freaking out for thirty minutes, thinking I wouldn't be able to see the doc and he's going on leave soon so this is like it for awhile.

On a more positive note back is feeling better already but that may have something to do with the motrin I take four times a day.


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