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There are moments were a person knows without a shadow of a doubt they are related to their parents. And the secret dream of being adopted dies. Today I saw without a doubt that sib is actually related to my mother. We have on demand by Comcast; my mother recently discovered the music feature and has been blaring the 80’s music for the last two days. Today I saw the fan girl in my mother as she drooled over Steve Perry of ‘Journey’ and repeated comments about his “package”. The scary part was my mind was flashing to Sib’s reactions to some people they watch on TV…Their reaction’s were completely the same! Definitely amusing.

In other news, I accidentally broke Sib’s Blow dryer…It was resting on the sink plugged in and I wanted out of the bathroom. Well I’m a hefty gurl; so as I was trying to squeeze out of the room and sib wasn’t moving any… my hip hit the Blow dryer and it fell into the toilet…it hissed and died. : Sigh: the looks Sib was giving…I offered to pay for a new one but they have a way of making me feel so guilty.

I’ve heard about the writer’s strike and I don’t really care. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of Supernatural and Reaper, I know my mother is found of Army wives and this strike is indefinite. But I can’t seem to care…With supernatural they may show repeats and I came into the show late so this could be a chance to see older episodes…Besides I don’t watch much TV lately.


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