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Sometimes I seriously wonder how I am related to parent. For the past couple of days the house has been in chaos. All over Sib's love life, now I'm sure you'll all agree that heartbreak is a part of life. But Sib has never experienced it before now so everyone has been on edge. Last night it all boiled over. I'm not going into all of it but it involved Sib, their ex and a friend. And ultimately end with both Parent and sib out in the snowstorm and the police being called.

Now sib has anxiety problems and ended up freaking a lil and parent swooping in all evil a**hole or avenging angel given your point of view. I had visions of having to call other parent at work and telling them that they had to go pick up SIB and other parent at the police station. I was so anxious that I ate an entire bag of chips...Ugh, I hate pigging out. Especially when I'm trying to lose weight.

Hopefully now life will return to normal and eventually Sib will find a new significant other that isn't an a**. In other news I am now in new room which is different. But I think I like it as long as no one is in the parlor which is next to my room. It's hard to fall asleep with the TV on in the next room.


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