Jun. 1st, 2007

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:Sigh: I tried writing new pieces but I got nothing. A line or two will come to me but that's about it. Anything more and it sounds terrible to me, it's so frustrating. I enjoy writing and all that but it feels like all my work sucks! I'm wallowing aren't I? :Sigh:

Now I know I'm out of the loop, I love pornish_pixies. In fact reading all those other peoples entries is what tempted me to get my own live journal. Two days ago I go to click on the site and it says I wasn't authorized to see that page. I assumed that they were having technical difficulties, NOT! Then it comes back and everyone's talking about how it was almost gone for good! WTF??? Then I read about everything that was going on...sheesh...I guess it's my own fault for using that page to gain access to my own and not viewing any other sites. I'll have to fix that, I can't believe what they tried to do...Like most others I agree that widespread policy is bad. They should have done the cleaning a different way.

My sib officially graduates this upcoming monday. Yay! They also managed to get their license in their chosen field, They are now a professional... O.O

That's all for now


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